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In The Zone and On A Roll [entries|friends|calendar]
Zeke Baylor

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Stick a fork in me; I'm DONE [May 17, 2006 @ 6:52pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

You guys, I am seriously drowning in work. Whether it be from the physical death that is a result from the endless basketball drills I'm doing or the cooking classes that go to late nights or the six tests I have in the next two days; I AM DEAD.

Like when you're cooking and you leave the burner on for too long and your food just fries; that's me. We NEED a break!

Lucky for me, my birthday is coming up this weekend, my cousin Eliza said she'd throw a party for me. YESS!

Wili is gettin' big. *sigh* And with all the stuff going on I can't spend much time with the dog. :[

What else... Oh, like 20 something more days of school! =O It'll be so weird when summer comes, haha.

Well, yeah, if you're reading this, comment! :D

OH! The details for my party this Saturday:

Zeke's B-Day!
Place: My Cousin's House, 323 Davis St
Time: 2:00 to whenever you leave ;)
Events: Tons of stuff, bring things to swim in :D
RSVP: here, ^.^
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Swamped [April 05, 2006 @ 3:00pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Wow, I haven't been on in a long time, haha. That's what basketball and school does to you. I have totally been swamped with work, and trigonomotry has been death! I don't even know if I spelt that right! Hah! I really hate math. Well, it's just hard to like something if you are extremely horrible at it. Hah. Hey, Gabriella or Taylor, if you get this, I could use tutoring. :) Only if you have time =) If not, I can always find a diff tutor, lol. That's how much help I need. >_<

Oh, and reading Romeo and Juliet in C. English I is alright, I guess. We're already in Act IV, and when we have to begin acting out some of the scenes, I actually want to try auditioning for a part. It isn't even a big play thing or anything, but I could use an A in the class. I am almost positive that Sharpay is going to be Juliet, and I am pretty sure Ryan will play Romeo, so shooting for someone like Friar would be good. I was told I would make a good Benvolio, the peace maker, but he has no scenes with Juliet. *shrugs*

Well, I'm off to finish that darn science lab report I didn't do yet, and we have history essays too. *sigh* Be back later, leave me a comment, kay?

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Roller Coaster Ride [March 23, 2006 @ 2:55pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

This week has been... hectic. Taylor was injured, people were sick, Chad was pretty clear with his venting there. *sigh* I suppose everyone experiences like that when everything is a roller coaster plummeting down to the ground. But, on the same note, we can't crash too hard, and the part the brought me back up was the time Sharpay and I got to spend together. Except I forgot to give her something so, Sharpay, if you read this... I need to talk to you.

Troy... I'm gonna take your advice, but probably after Sunday when Taylor's out of the hospital.

Chad... I really hope you feel better about things, I'm sure it'll all pan out in the long run.

Also, I hope this picks up people's spirits, we are already planning a party for later on in the summer, maybe at Gabriella's, we're not sure yet. But it'll totally be worth it when we get ourselves out of this little depression in the roller coaster and soar high! Whoo! Haha. I'm just a little... undepressed. Hah, I can't be sad for too long. Not that I feel better for Taylor or anything, but it's comforting knowing she'll be out soon.

Well, I gotta go feed Wili and have some other chores and homework, *sigh*, but I'll be back on later...


New: Wili and my Mediterriainian Menu! [March 17, 2006 @ 6:27pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

:\ Taylor is still hospitalized, and Sharpay, Chad, and I visited. I feel bad though, I ran out of lemons for my 'Get-well-lemon-cheesecake'! Oh well, at least the strawberries were delicious and Taylor said she liked them. She looks pretty miserable there though, or just bored to death. If there is a difference.

Oh, and before I forget, little growing shopping list: Lemons, Cherries, Apple Juice, Strawberry Ice Cream, and Milk. I know I wrote this somewhere else, but I forgot where... I hope I don't forget now. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Wili ran out of food. Did I mention we got a new dog? Well, yeah, his name is Wili and he's this really playful black labrador retriever. He's awesome and loves my cooking too. :)

Wow, that got way off subject. :\ I feel bad to even think of this... but it feels like I am ignoring Sharpay. Well, not ignoring, but we're spending less time together... I think, as soon as we both get a free night, we should like catch a movie or something... -shrugs-

Oh yeah! I made this to ask... has anyone seen Kelsi? Or Gabriella or Troy? I've learned more recipies, I hope you guys like Mediterriainian food, you guys should come over some time to try it out!

Crud. That *CRASH* and *BANG* must be Wili. Better go, he better not be in the kitchen again!



Not The Lemon Cheesecakes Again... [March 12, 2006 @ 7:30pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Yup, sadly, it's official. Taylor has been in an accident and is currently in and out of comas. Her mom has been keeping the group and I posted, however, it's still making the rest of us anxious. Aparently, her asthma attack came at the absolute worst time and she also got hit. Broken leg and ribs... must be awfully uncomfortable to be in bed all day. But at least she's breathing on her own...

I think we are all going to visit her sometime... Well, she really wants Chad and Gabriella, but I think she wouldn't mind a few more of us. I am making her a lemon cheesecake like I do for all of my relatives when they are in the hospital. A get-well sort of food. I hope she likes it, I'm not particularly sure why I make the lemon cheesecakes though...

Anyway, this is a pretty bad spin of events for us, I hope we all pull out of it alright... I'm gone for now, I hope to find some company out there somewhere to talk to...

Oh, and if any of you guys want to visit her... tell me when.


All Is Good (I Hope) [March 07, 2006 @ 5:50pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Awesomeness that the Wildcats beat the West High Knights, I'd celebrate more, but if I was more wiped I think I'd passout. I think an Easy Mac dinner is calling me tonight, my energy is seriously lacking from everything that happened. And to add to the greatness of the day, Troy and Gabriella got their lead parts, though, no offense Gabriella, I think Sharpay deserved the part.

And on the subject, she talked! To me! Me! And complimented my baking! This is real motivation now, the Drama Queen has noticed me! But, the news gets worse. It seems that I hadn't gotten to her as early as I had hoped to at the after party. She was hanging with some other guy. I don't think I'm jealous... am I? But we met up and started talking after, so I guess all is good. I hope.

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